Media Coaching

At Laurie Dhue Media, my job is to bring out your inner performer so that you deliver the best interview, public speech or coprorate presentation possible. I'll help you leverage the skills you already have and develop a host of new ones. Forget feeling nervous or intimidated - you're going to be great.

I’ll work closely with you to ensure that you make an excellent first impression. I’ll help you communicate succinctly and effectively; deliver concise, powerful messages; and present yourself comfortably and confidently. And I’ll make sure you have fun along the way.

Laurie Dhue Media offers the following services:

• Broadcast media interview coaching: television, radio, web casts
• Print media interview coaching: newspapers, magazines, online publications
• Public speaking coaching: corporate presentations, public speeches and appearances

With Laurie Dhue Media, you get over 20 years’ experience to help you be at your best. I know how producers, writers, reporters and anchors think, what kinds of questions they’re likely to ask and what points they’ll follow up on. I sat in the interviewer’s chair for many years, so who better to prepare you?

Media training includes:

• How to create an effective interview agenda
• How to deliver key messages
• How to respond to tough questions through bridging and flagging
• Overcoming nervousness
• Giving an interview that will lead to more media opportunities
• Learning the Dos and Don'ts of body language
• Learning the importance of vocal tone and appearance

Public speaking and presentation training includes:
• Building a compelling presentation or speech
• Creating a powerful speaking style
• Delivering effectively and energetically from a script
• Using PowerPoint in a compelling way
• Learning the Do’s and Don’ts of body language
• Overcoming nervousness
• Maximizing the Q&A session

We can work one-on-one or in small groups of your choosing. We’ll record the sessions on camera and critique them as we go.

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